Orientation and Professional Integration

Headband Orientation and Professional Integration

Construire son parcours. Passer du lycée à l'université. 

Enrichir son parcours, se réorienter. 

Valoriser ses acquis et ses compétences. 

Faire un stage et se professionnaliser. 



Espace Carrière Grenoble INP

Le service Espace Carrière (http://www.grenoble-inp.fr/career-center/), commun aux écoles de Grenoble INP, accueille et accompagne les étudiants et jeunes diplômés, avant, pendant et 3 ans après leurs études. Ce service leur propose une plateforme-web Career Center, des ateliers et évènements carrière, des conseils et ressources liées à l'insertion professionnelle, des séances de coaching,.... Par ailleurs, il leur offre aussi un programme de mentorat, en lien avec l'association des anciens diplômés : Grenoble INP Alumni. Contacts : espace-carriere@grenoble-inp.fr

Entrepreneurship and the international environment: how to favor your employability [March 9, 2022]


Come and discuss with the CCEF (French Foreign Trade Advisors) during this webinar in English. They will share with you their experiences, their discoveries of new cultures, their stories, their joys, their tears. They will share with you their entrepreneurial journey in an environment where interculturality plays a key role.

Entrepreneurship what does is means for you…?

What about export? Do you realise as European citizens that export starts at the boarder of your country (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland for France…)

World wide market is accessible to all of us as soon as we are motivated and if we have the right product and the right offer!

SME’s or Big groups, there is no real difference, all companies can export as soon as we are motivated…

The most important question for the young generation will be to decide where they want to work, which place, which company size, which sector, and why?

What language will the webinar be held?

In English

Who are the speakers?

The session will be led by two French Foreign Trade Advisors:

Julien Fauquenoy,

COREDUX Managing Director and Foreign Trade Advisor

 COREDUX designs and manufactures flexible metal tubing used for the transportation of gases and fluids in critical industrial applications.
His background:
Julien Fauquenoy has got 20 years of professional experience; He’s graduated from NEOMA business school and INSEAD after a licence in public law at Lille University. He’s 44 years old and has hold a managing director position in the industry for the last 12 years.
After graduated, he spent 10 years at Technip FMC as Procurement Manager in Europe, Africa and South America.
He became Managing Director at 32 years old, holding this position at the Swedish group Trelleborg Offshore, starting from scratch their industrial implantation in Rio de Janeiro.
Then, he mounted his own consulting firm, supporting the international multinationals in their Brazilian implementation. On total, he spent 12 years abroad.
In 2019 he accepted the Suez Group proposal, come back to France and became the deputy CEO of their automotive metallic scrap branch representing 500M€ turn over and 600 people over 15 countries.
One year later, he changed for the Coredux Group, the franco-Dutch specialist in engineering, design and manufacturing of metal hose artery system for the Aerospace, the Semiconductor and the Clean energy markets, where he holds the managing director position.

Jean-Marc Barki,

SEALOCK President co-Founder and Foreign Trade Advisor

 Sealock designs, develops and manufactures industrial adhesives: hot melt or Hot-Melt adhesives, water-based adhesives or white adhesives...
His background:

Self-taught entrepreneur, co-founder and majority shareholder of Sealock since 1996.
Foreign trade advisor since 2011, member of the steering committee of Croissance plus and Vice-president of MEDEF Artois.
SEALOCK has always been export-oriented since its start-up and our objective is to export more than 35% of our turnover by 2024.
We market our products in about twenty countries for a volume that represents about 20% of our current turnover.




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