Creative Commons license Les TIC pour le développement : une approche multi-domaines [Feb. 7, 2013]


Stéphane Boyera / LIG

This presentation will give an overview of the so-called ICT for Development (ICTD) domain. We will introduce the history of the domain and present how ICT can support social and economic development (in Africa and India for instance). Then, we will introduce the local context as well as local conditions in which technology is deployed and used, the major classes of problems and research domains in technical and business areas. In particular, we will focus on mobile technologies, voice technologies, and business modeling for scalability and sustainability. On these specific points, we will present the current state of the art, current and evolutions and key research questions. All these points will be illustrated through recent results of Web Foundation driven projects such as VBAT , ForobaBlon and EU-funded VOICES . Finally, the presentation will underline the importance of considering the different technologies as a channel to the Web and not a walled-world forcing all stakeholders to use specific devices and interfaces.

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