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Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble 2019

Headband Eclipse IoT Day Grenoble 2019

19 février 2019 After the success of the  IoT Day 2014, IoT Day 2015, IoT Day 2016, IoT Day 2017, IoT Day 2018, we are back for a sixth edition!
For this one day event, we have a great program that includes topics around Smart cities, IoT in Space, Connected cars, as well as the Eclipse IoT core technologies.

Creative Commons license LoRaWAN : Single gateway capacity for a reasonable traffic [Feb. 19, 2019]



We model a LoRaWAN cell and estimate the number of nodes that it can accommodate. We consider a Rayleigh channel and physical capture when two frame transmissions overlap. If all nodes have the same traffic generation pattern, regardless of the spreading factor used, the SF allocation between the nodes has a dramatic impact on the cell capacity. In effect, the modulation choice needs to strike a balance between packet losses due to a weak signal reaching the gateway and more robust modulations which cause longer channel occupation by the transmission and thus more collisions.

Tags: eclipse iot lig



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